Product reviews for Parklands

Ros Wilson, education consultant, public speaker, blogger, podcaster, and creator and author of Talk:Write

I have been in education for 57 years and have worked in so very many wonderful schools with outstanding staff, leadership and ethos, yet I can honestly say – hand on heart – I have never experienced the consistent and absolute belonging and love that envelops every single child in Parklands Primary School. The joy, when within school, of the many impoverished children at Parklands is overwhelming and brings a huge smile to my face and an occasional tear to my eye.

This book celebrates the saving of a school in one of the most deprived districts in the country, after years of crisis and conflict. It tells the story of how the absolute love and commitment of one head teacher won over the hearts and minds of the children, the staff and the families the school serves. It tracks the journey of not only changing the culture of the school but of instilling a huge love of learning and a shared pride in the amazing standards of achievement now seen in all they do.

Bethan | 30/03/2022 13:30
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