Product reviews for Bringing Forth the Bard

Chris Green, Trustee and Director, British Shakespeare Association, and Chair of the BSA Education committee

Bringing Forth the Bard is a welcome addition to the long line of books (in the tradition of Rex Gibson and James Stredder) about teaching Shakespeare in schools and colleges. Its pragmatic approach will appeal to teachers looking for practical material to use in the classroom. Many of the activities presented are entirely new and innovative. The book convinces us that Shakespeare is still relevant to young people in today’s classrooms, and that study of his works can be part of the all-important inclusivity agenda. Busy teachers will welcome the useful summaries of contextual material, and students will enjoy the string of lively, contemporary cultural references employed by the author when discussing the plays. The book does not shy away from addressing necessary – if sometimes less popular – issues such as examination board requirements and ‘cultural capital’, but matters are always directed back to the most important concern of all: bringing Shakespeare’s scripts to life in the classroom through creative activities which emphasise enjoyment of the plays’ themes, linguistic techniques and dramatic methods.

Bethan | 30/03/2022 13:35
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