Product reviews for Leadership for Sustainability

John T. Morris, Director, MOTIV82ASPIRE

The growing involvement of children and young people within education and community actions to address climate change has highlighted a need for better clarity to co-ordinate, direct and channel their enthusiasm and desire to promote change.

In a challenging, thought provoking and evocative text from his academic and professional experience, David Dixon’s book Leadership for Sustainability expounds his personal perspectives to give the reader insight, guidance and direction for the challenges faced in promoting and embedding effective eco-friendly practices within schools, colleges and communities. With a lucid and broad based insight into strategies to move practice forward, David focusses his suggestions on five key dimensions he terms as the “five c’s of sustainability – captaincy, curriculum, campus, community and connection”.  The onus is on each school/college to take a radical lead to secure the future.

Lester | 01/06/2022 13:38
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