Product reviews for How to Move & Learn

Alison Kriel, leadership consultant, keynote speaker and founder of Above & Beyond Education 

Finally we have a book which endorses what every teacher knows – children learn better when they move! Despite this, the majority of our lessons provide for sedentary learning. How to Move & Learn is not the usual must-read staffroom manual! It's like cosying under a heated blanket to watch a favourite movie on a cold, rainy Saturday afternoon. It's a comforting read, confirms what we know, helps us to understand why we teach as we do and what the research tells us about active learning – and, most importantly, it's packed with guidance on how we can change how we teach to integrate more movement into our lessons and trust ourselves to do what we know is right.  

I was one of hundreds of head teachers who worked with Bryn to integrate more movement into lessons throughout my school. We started with whole-staff training which, of course, included movement and we had 100% staff engagement with such incredible feedback that movement in every in-service training day became standard. Staff then found that in every lesson which planned for movement and learning there was 100% pupil engagement, improved behaviour for learning and increased attainment. It's not rocket science but getting started can feel overwhelming and How to Move & Learn is the perfect guide. I'd say it's a must-read for every staffroom library but as it's the perfect accompaniment for planning, preparation and assessment time, you will need several copies.

Lester | 30/06/2022 10:06
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