Product reviews for How to Move & Learn

Chris Dyson, Head Teacher, Parklands Primary School

Move & Learn takes us into a journey of movement and its benefits. Through this text we are shown the importance and benefits of increased physical movement (and, in turn, decreasing sedentary times) on health, happiness and learning. Through this we see the potential flaw in generally expected classroom behaviour. We see that particularly in Western society most of our children are insufficiently active, and how through education we can change this. A strong case is made to show the impact of physical activity on learning – and it is a turnaround from what has traditionally been assumed; in fact, as the title suggests, movement and learning go hand in hand!

Now, the benefits of physical activity are not in themselves revolutionary – however, the knowledge that movement can increase the learning experience is. The book is a practical guide with strategies that can be not just put in place, but placed at the core of the learning environment.

Move & Learn is a joyous piece of work that gives us a sneaky peak into just how enriching a curriculum can be.

Lester | 30/06/2022 10:07
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