Ruth Cornish, school librarian, via ReadingZone

Outside Chance, the second book in the Don't Doubt The Rainbow series by Anthony Kessel, is a cracking read! 

Fast-paced and page-turning, I read it in a couple of sittings whilst on holiday and it was the perfect mystery to enjoy at the beach. That said, it would be a good read for any time of year and I enjoyed it even more than the first book in the series.

Again the story centres around Edie, the main character, an award-winning teen detective. Her character and that of her family and friends are developed further and in Outside Chance I found Edie to be softer, more thoughtful perhaps and reflective in this story. Once again, the intrigue is layered while Edie balances her family life, school and her multiple detective cases. The outcome is not obvious as you read and there were at least three surprises at the end that I didn't anticipate. Nevertheless, all the loose threads were satisfyingly resolved.

The author weaves detective strategy and psychological theories into the story and the school-based course for well-being and resilience sounded so good I wish it was available for all students. I will definitely recommend this book to all my secondary students and eagerly await the next one in the series.

Lester | 19/08/2022 16:12
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