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Supersleuth Edie Marble is on the case again, or more specifically four cases. First there is the case of the missing dogs on Hampstead Heath and in North London. Secondly the serendipity of Donna seeing a long-lost friend from university, everywhere. Thirdly Richard’s case: his brother Martin has failed his first-year exams at medical school. Fourthly, finally, Harry’s case: his stepdad’s change in behaviour and the new friends he has found is worrying him.

Like any other teenager Edie must also juggle school, homework and friendship issues when her detective work makes her less attentive towards best friend, Lizzie as well as family commitments. This seems to be culminating for her at home as she prepares for her Bat Mitzvah, a year later than normal after her mother’s murder. Outside Chance, however, wouldn’t be the second book in Anthony Kessel’s incredible Don’t Doubt the Rainbow series unless there was great personal risk to Edie, her family or her most loved guinea pig, Günther. All the clues – Anthony cleverly includes a number of apparently missed clues that Edie does not immediately follow up – lead Edie to a terrifying possibility of an act of terrorism, but she does not know when or where. It is now just a question of when Edie will call the Police.

Lester | 30/08/2022 14:18
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