Sita Brahmachari, award-winning author of Kite Spirit and When Shadows Fall 

Another compelling adventure for Edie Marble and her community! It was really lovely to spend time with Edie and her gutsy curious and resourceful ways again. She's a protagonist who I feel sure will give readers a sense that they can affect change in a difficult world.

In Outside Chance, Edie feels like she's really growing her investigative wings. I very much enjoyed how she is rooted in her Jewish heritage – her exploration of how she relates to her community, beliefs, her roots and branches is one of the confidence-boosting foundation stones of Edie moving forward in the story. It feels like it bolsters her sense of self and where she belongs.

How do we build a sense of ourselves and how we relate to each other across generations in today's world? How can the discoveries Edie make help to build this strength in her and her family after their loss? Where can our discoveries take us in a life well lived? These seem to me to be the cornerstones of this story that really begin to explore in more depth the principles that underpin Edie's growing years and Anthony's work. 

The often-bumpy rites of passage of teenage years are underpinned in Outside Chance by strong foundation stones of belonging, identity, curiosity and the power of friendship, family and community to help navigate the journey. Edie is on her way and readers will enjoy seeing how the principles that underpin her growing years can provide safety nets in troubled times and also help her to fly.

Lester | 28/10/2022 09:48
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