Ava, aged 11 via The Kids Book Curator 

Edie had a crazy year solving the case of her mum’s death (in book 1) and is having an even crazier year because she has been nominated for the Brave Peoples Award and now has two very complicated new cases to solve AND serious best friend troubles!!! 

What made you want to read the sequel?
I loved the first book so much and as soon as I found out that there was a sequel I could not wait to read it. The first one was so gripping and fun to read. I just love these books!⁠

Favourite character?
Edie is my favourite character because she is very fun and independent and just a very interesting character to follow the life of!! ⁠

Would you recommend this to your friends?
Definitely I think it is such an interesting book and if you like crime mysteries and drama then you will LOVE THIS BOOK!!!! 

Lester | 01/11/2022 14:33
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