Parent reviewer from Dormston School Parent and Pupil Book Club

This book is the sequel to The Five Clues from the Don’t Doubt the Rainbow series, and it did not disappoint! 

Its main character, Edie, a teenage girl who became a supersleuth in the previous story, trying to uncover the circumstances of her mum’s death, is now tasked with solving lots of cases from her neighbourhood. The adventures she encounters in the process will keep readers of any age on tenterhooks throughout the story. Through Edie’s story, young readers are familiarised with difficult concepts such as climate change, mental health, serious illness and bereavement (Edie continues to come to terms with the loss of her mum). 

What I particularly liked about this book was that, although it is predominantly aimed at young readers, it does not shy away from discussing difficult psychological concepts like the Three Principles and is consequently opening up a new world of thinking to its young readers, one that is not often encountered elsewhere. 

Although the story has a tendency of going ‘off track’ and mentioning things which are irrelevant to its development – something which the first book was also prone to do – this does not distract too much from the overall enjoyment of reading about Edie’s adventures and how she solves her cases. There are times when this book feels more appropriate for older readers due to the sensitivity of some of the themes covered, but Edie’s portrayal of a modern-day superhero will definitely entice a younger audience too. 

Overall, an enjoyable read with a positive message to its young readers!

Lester | 18/11/2022 09:35
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