Product reviews for Changing Perceptions

Dr Jess Mahdavi-Gladwell, SENCO and Head of Assessment Centre, Newhaven Pupil Referral Unit

In Changing Perceptions, Graham’s choice to share professional vulnerability with the reader lays the foundation for a reader–author relationship within a sense of trust which is, as he says, vital for learning. Graham set out to write the book he wishes he could have read at 22, and I think anyone working in education could learn from this book. 

If you believe the point of school is education, this book considers how to support children to best access it. If you believe the point of school is the development of well-being and preparation for adult life, this book also has a lot to offer you as a reader. If, like many, your point of view is somewhere along that continuum, then the 75% ‘why’ and the 25% ‘how’ shows the importance and interplay between understanding and reflection.

This book can be read from start to finish but the clear structure alternatively allows for focus on particular areas at particular times. It is easy to read, though at times the realisation it leads to can challenge. Be prepared to experience increased awareness of the how and no doubts about why we need to care deeply about supporting behaviour holistically and with compassion.

Ella | 08/03/2023 15:33
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