Product reviews for Restorative Practice at Work

Margaret Thorsborne, author, trainer, consultant and pioneer of restorative practice in education and workplaces

Those who work in the broad fields of restorative practice know that its applicability is limited only by our imaginations and opportunities. Lesley Parkinson has written a compelling, practical, easily digestible book about the application of restorative practice in healthcare. This book reflects her deep understanding of issues like voice, psychological safety and trust in workplace relationships, and implementation and support of this philosophy across teams. She has done the careful research needed to support her arguments, and offers the gift of naming, describing and using the six restorative habits (with examples from the field) so they can be embedded into unconscious competence, used daily in both professional and personal settings – moving the explicit into the implicit – to become ‘how we do things around here’. The themes in this book have much greater application and would be helpful for anyone in any workplace.

Bethan | 31/07/2023 22:56
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