Product reviews for The Working Classroom

Laura Tonge, Keele Hub Manager, Higher Horizons

This book gives an excellent account of the role that social class plays in schools, the inequalities it causes, and ways that those in the education system can support students in reducing the inequalities they may face.

The book is laid out in easy-to-read sections that are filled with anecdotes, ideas to improve practice and questions to allow for practitioner self-reflection. Whether you are looking to teach your students about social classes, start an extra-curricular club, become a more adaptive educator or enhance your current curriculum, this book contains all the ideas to help level the playing field and mitigate some of the effects of classism faced by your students.

Everybody working in an education setting who wants to make a difference to their students’ lives should read this book.

Bethan | 21/09/2023 16:37
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