Product reviews for Making Every PE Lesson Count

Dr Julia Potter, Head of Physical Education, University of Chichester

Making Every PE Lesson Count: Six Principles to Support Great Physical Education Teaching is an insightful, accessible and personal narrative resource for developing and engaged physical educators. This book offers a range of intimate perspectives on how to tackle key considerations in the delivery of high-quality and accessible physical education. It has understanding and progress for learners at its heart – essential for all practitioners to understand and engage with, but also for anyone who may need to know more regarding what physical education is about, beyond sport and physical activity. The book offers comprehensive and practical approaches, with actionable strategies to create engaging and effective learning experiences. Diagrams and pictures provide useful summaries of key information. James Crane has captured the heart and soul of physical education, with a clear and accessible writing style, readers will quickly understand the challenges and rewards of teaching physical education.

Bethan | 15/05/2024 14:32
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