Product reviews for Making Every PE Lesson Count

Bryn Llewellyn, former school leader and founder of Tagtiv8, co-author of How to Move & Learn

I love the film Kes. This is no Kes, but to paraphrase Kevin Keegan, ‘I love it.’ Why? It’s as much about the learning as it is about the movement.

James doesn’t sit on the fence, yet he does create a balance – a balance between research and practice. A pracademic, perhaps? He also manages to balance creating opportunities for elite athletes while encouraging all students to develop a love of physical activity.

James has an uncanny ability to draw you into the setting, whether it be the sports hall or the track or field. You can get a real feel for the conversations between the teacher and students.

Whether you’re new to the profession of teaching PE and/or sport or a seasoned pro, this book is for you. It’s filled with gentle nudges that will enable you to enable your students to succeed.

Bethan | 15/05/2024 14:35
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