Product reviews for Dirty Teaching

Book Review Section, John Muir Award News, Autumn 2014
Juliet Robertson offers a guide for teachers to help overcome perceived barriers and develop
confident outdoor practice. Juliet looks to support teachers who are beginning to appreciate
the potential for learning outdoors by simply encouraging them to take their existing skills and enthusiasm outside. Subject chapters that include Golden Principles of Teaching Outdoors, Before You Go Outside, Caring for Nature, and Nagging Doubts, Fears and Worries, encourage readers to either dip in and out, or follow a clear cover to cover path. The accessibility of Dirty Teaching makes it of interest to all planning on (or currently) using the outdoors as an approach to learning. Youth workers, community educators, parents and carers as well as teachers will find value in it. That Juliet has written such a helpful and incisive guide will make all those who have been touched by the -˜special nature of the outdoors' glad that it exists -” regardless of whether we teach or not.
Guest | 14/10/2014 01:00
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