Product reviews for The Best Job in the World

Teach Secondary Magazine Issue 3.3 (April 2014)
Vic Goddard is a head teacher. Yes, thanks at least in part to a Channel 4 fly-on-the-wall
documentary, he is also a TV star, public speaker, popular educational commentator and
now, author ... but ultimately and always, he is a head teacher and wouldn't have it any other way. Here, he talks with customary honesty, passion and humour about his life and work - how he ended up doing the job he does, and why it is, in his opinion, the best job in the world, right here, right now. It's a simply joyous read - uplifting, inspiring and utterly truthful. Vic Goddard doesn't look at his school, or the society in which it exists, through rose-tinted glasses - instead, he has a knack of seeing past
the window-dressing and straight through to the heart of what matters. He is as modest as he is engaging, and therefore reluctant to dole out 'advice', as such ... but nonetheless, it could be hard for anyone, from NQT to seasoned leader, to finish thi? book having learnt nothing at all.
Guest | 30/04/2014 01:00
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