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Jill Berry, Former Head and Educational Consultant
At the Northern Rocks Conference in May 2014, Debra Kidd talked about designing -˜a curriculum with a conscience' and suggested that we ask ourselves, -˜Is the child being asked to consider big questions?' If, as a teacher, school leader or parent, you are committed to the principle that this should happen in your classroom/school/home, this book will be a terrific resource.

Its gentle humour, its flexibility (which gives you the scope to use it in your own way and to suit your context) and its focus on values, imagination and creativity will ensure that it sparks -˜awe and wonder'. It will stimulate your curiosity and then suggests useful links so that you can follow up your interests. It will help children to discover talents and passions they didn't know they had, and encourage them to be the best they can be -” within the classroom and beyond it.

If you are searching for interesting facts and big questions to intrigue you, to make you think, to challenge you (whatever your age) and to stimulate fascinating discussion at school or at home, then 365 Things To Make You Go Hmmm-¦ is an excellent place to start.
Guest | 11/06/2014 01:00
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