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Brian Moses, -˜One of Britain's favourite children's poets`
I love the ideas in this book. When I taught, many many years back, I would have been delighted to have had such a bank of ideas to make children think and wonder. These are the sort of ideas that could be used in an odd ten minutes of the day but equally could result in many hours of investigative work. They cover all aspects of the curriculum and I personally love such challenges as, -˜What job would you enjoy so much, no amount of money would make you give it up?' or -˜What was the last thing you sacrificed for someone else?'

Ideas like these make both children and teachers think. In a curriculum that quite often seems to discourage original thought, they are badly needed.

Oh, and if you're in need of no 366, here's one I use - -˜If you could ask one question of a supreme being and know that you would be given the correct answer, what question would you ask?'
Guest | 23/07/2014 01:00
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