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Following from our UKEdChat Subject Special focusing on Philosophy for Children, it seems fitting to review a book which poses questions aimed at getting us thinking.

Packed with 365 questions, scenarios and discussion starters, “365 Things to Make you go Hmm” has something for everyone. Through the humour and style, the book aims to help students explore their own creative thinking, imaginations and consider their own values in a philosophical and thought-provoking position.

From the book, here are a few questions to get you thinking-¦

You have one with, but can't wish for something for yourself. What would you wish for?
If there was a device that showed exactly when you would die, would you want to know?
What life skills can computer games teach you? What can't they teach you?
When does a human being first begin to think?
Technology is changing all the time. How can you keep your life private when there are so many ways to share it? Do you care?

It's easy to see how many of the questions above (and those contained within the book) could easily be used as a whole lesson focus, discussion and consideration. The stimuli offered are a rich bank of resources relevant for teachers at all stages of education, or at least for those who want to help their pupils develop into considered thinkers who start to question the world around them. If you're a teacher who wants a bank of questions to help stimulate deep thinking and deep discussion in your classroom, this certainly is a handy book to keep in your collection.
Guest | 23/09/2014 01:00
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