Dave Whitaker, Executive Principal, Springwell Community Special School & Barnsley PRU
Jane Hewitt expertly manages to give every teacher the opportunity to bring the world alive through photography in their classroom. At last we all have access to a wonderfully constructed book that is not only a teacher's guide but a technical manual too. Combining her own expertise as a teacher and her skill as a professional photographer she captures the imagination and leaves you longing to get your camera clicking. Jane hooks you in with her own compelling photographs and explains proficiently how to use images to drive children's learning. Why not try a -˜photo essay' or thought provoking philosophical discussion based on a simple image. Use a -˜shape collage' to celebrate children's work and produce -˜photography letters' in a literacy lesson.
Terms such as -˜aperture' and -˜composition' will be fully understood and adjusting your -˜white balance' will be second nature.
Guest | 13/03/2014 00:00
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