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Photography had never been something on my -˜I really want to do that' list until I connected with Jane Hewitt. We have been linking up via twitter and Project 365 and I now have the bug!

Despite only meeting her in the real world a few weeks ago, Jane has provided such a motivation for me that I was delighted to be able to review her book -˜Learning Through a Lens'.

Whatever I was expecting when I knew she had produced a book I don't know, but it wasn't what I read! I had expected a selection of her wonderful pictures each of which illicit a response. Instead I received a manual that will move the photographic skills of both myself, and anyone else who reads it, to a new level.

The book is intended for teachers but I wouldn't restrict it to such a limited audience. Anyone who has enjoyed seeing life in pictures will find something of interest in these pages. The colour coding to help navigate the reader through the various sections is useful and means that you can home in to specifics if that is your need. Jane's very relaxed way of writing means even technical aspects are comfortable to take on board and of course there is a wonderful array of her work.

My favourite has always been -˜Little People'. Jane introduced me to them a while ago but in the book she has extended my interest in them, linking it to my passion for creative writing in schools. In fact, so many of the projects just scream out to be undertaken. I'm very pleased that there is good coverage for those of us who are -˜device' photographers. Seeing how some of the many apps out there can be used will encourage many phone and tablet users to go beyond -˜a quick snap' to more of a composition.

It is such a wonderful book that I will have to have it in hard copy so that I can flick through the pages to be further inspired and encouraged to have a go. There is SO MUCH contained in its 13 chapters that I did wonder if it should have been two books but I'm glad I won't have to wait for Part 2!
Guest | 13/03/2014 00:00
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