Product reviews for Never Mind The Inspectors

Paul Ginnis, independent trainer and author
In a book full of strong ideas and strong ideals, Tait Coles, the Joe Strummer of education, has re-asserted the ancient values of authentic learning. They've been called Socratic, democratic, progressive and student-centred in the past -¦ and now punk, the perfect way to describe a way of teaching that defies the Establishment's conveyer-belt lessons and PISA-driven priorities that use, rather than serve, our nation's students. Punk Learning is a sharp slap in the face for England's current business-imitating, state-policed, corporatized schooling with its uber-obedient teaching. Like punk itself, this book is scary. Whatever you do, don't let your head teacher know you're reading it.
Guest | 16/04/2014 01:00
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