Product reviews for Never Mind The Inspectors

Kate Ringrose, Teaching Resources for Environmental Education & Sustainability
All students should be experiencing SOD OFF (Self-organised differentiation with outstanding facilitator feedback) from their teachers. A book to help you check you are in the most valuable profession there is for the right reasons and take your role seriously. Read it, act on it apply for a job in another form of paid work if you don't agree with the gist of it. Our responsibility as teachers to the current and next generation is a privilege not to be squandered.

Use this book to help you determine if you are a teller or a teacher! Read it, be challenged and change. Leave the profession if you have to but allow it to remind you to leave your ego at home and make room for guiding the students in your care. You owe it to them.

I read it and felt a renewed fire in my belly as to why I joined the most valuable profession there is. A healthy and challenging reminder to those of us in the profession to get out of the way of students learning and stand in the room cheering them on

Teaching is not about dragging your students through a course of jumps and hoops but letting them loose in a beautiful forest and sharing their delight at what you all find.

A timely and provoking reminder that your days spent teaching are not to take children on a safe path to a destination but to allow them to freely and safely run in an adventure playground and be as excited as they are about what they find.
Guest | 12/06/2014 01:00
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