Product reviews for Primary Maths

Lucy Moonen, Assistant Head - Teaching & Learning, Radnor House School
As someone whose own experiences of primary school maths could certainly be described as 'beige', I found this book to be both refreshing and invigorating. Nick Tiley-Nunn interweaves his passion for primary maths teaching, his belief in its relevance to our 'real' lives, and hands-on practical activities in this energising tome that would no doubt make even the most battle-weary of maths teachers want to chuck out their worksheet and re-plan for Monday morning. Nick Tiley-Nunn draws upon various current educational priorities in creating this recipe for primary maths teaching, including the importance of creativity in education (from which maths is not exempt!), the need to develop resilient learners, the essential nature of problem-solving in maths education, and the fundamental importance of developing a sound number sense at an early age.
Guest | 29/09/2014 01:00
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