Helen Zeida, Coach, consultant, facilitator
I was curious about this book and keen to see how beneficial it would be in practice - for many years I have promoted the development of supervision as the vital support for what can be increasingly complex work, especially in the Social Care sector - Jackie's book is realistic and relevant and could not have come at a better time. Her messages and lessons are needed now more than ever before to build and maintain the positive relationships and well-operated systems that will be crucial as financial and functional belts get progressively tightened. The difference that quality supervision makes to staff, teams and organisations will be increasingly apparent as traditional methods of reward and recognition become less feasible to provide.
Jackie deals with any subject with warmth and clarity, which in this case enables the reader to benefit from her common sense, practical treatment of supervision. Her wealth of experience and real-life examples enrich this comprehensive book and it is packed full of useful exercises and approaches that will enhance supervision.
Jackie addresses key important issues such as the need for contracting and the importance of reflective practice. She brings together a range of useful models in a way that makes sense. The case studies and examples she gives illuminate the lessons and bring the potential for positive change alive. By integrating clean language with existing models she adds value in a refreshingly accessible blend that will prove invaluable if adopted and practised by individuals and teams alike.
Guest | 26/08/2014 01:00
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