John Leighton, Chartered Manager and Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute
At first glance this book is written for those who supervise coaches in the leadership and management field; however, it's more than that. This book is a gem for managers who may wish to either coach their employees themselves, choose what sort of coaching to engage or determine how effective coaching is being in trying to improve an individual or team.

There are plenty of case studies to illustrate each point or theory and exercises for the supervisor to complete in order to consolidate understanding. As such, a non-coaching specialist should be able to understand the basics of coaching without having to delve into academic theory; in fact, the absence of deep psychological theory, far from detracting from the credibility of the book is a particular strength as it will not deter the non- specialist. The BEST in the title is an acronym for Build, Engage, Support, Trust which is the sequence of events suggested, by the author, for an effective coaching intervention.

There are no startlingly new theories in the book but it does build on grounded theories and as such it will be straightforward to follow and implement the theories and exercises.
Guest | 17/09/2014 01:00
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