Teach Secondary, Magazine Issue 3.7, October 2014
Although this beautifully compiled collection of learning units based around inspirational literary texts is explicitly targeted at primary school teachers, there is no reason at all why the activities, tips and advice wouldn't work just as effectively for KS3 1earners and beyond, In an ideal world all young people would start Y7 already possessing many of the skills needed to access and understand 'famous poetry and prose', having been introduced to great literature by passionate educators from an early age. But this isn't an ideal world, even after some Govian tinkering, and it does students a disservice simply to assume that if they are unable to respond appropriately and personally to the works presented to them as teenagers, it must be due to a lack of interest. Bob Cox's approach encourages genuine engagement and profound comprehension; this book could change the way your class thinks about literature, for the better - and permanently.
Guest | 16/10/2014 01:00
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