Teach Secondary, Issue 3.8, November 2014
If you only read one book about teaching this year, then there's a compelling case to be made for ensuring it's this one, especially if you are feeling frustrated, trapped and undervalued. Debra Kidd's thinking is crystalline, her prose flawless and her honesty, inspiring. Sweeping aside the piles of false dichotomies that so often stifle genuine debate about education, she exposes what's at the heart of the system and Invites teachers everywhere to reclaim their profession- their vocation -in the name of the young people it serves. She describes our current system In terms of an outmoded model that has been endlessly tweaked, adjusted and overloaded with additions in order to keep it going, when what is actually needed is the courage and determination to call a halt and rebuild it in a way that will work for children now, and into the future. It's a call to arms; a cry for revolution- but with hope and optimism, not anger and resentment. Beautiful.
Guest | 17/11/2014 00:00
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