Graham Aldridge, Head Teacher, Range High School, Formby
Griffith and Burns have provided classroom teachers with a thought-provoking insight into "teaching backwards". They have achieved a highly accessible balance of philosophy and practical approaches, which are totally credible since they are based on years of fieldwork with outstanding and improving practitioners. This variety of fieldwork in a variety of settings means their thesis is clear, coherent and credible and will make sense to all teachers looking to improve their pedagogy. Their practical suggestions range from quick fix templates and techniques to deeper approaches, but all are explained in a down to earth, real-life fashion, which makes them all the more appealing to a time poor practitioner. Their prose is good humoured and has the learner at the centre. Teachers are encouraged to see learning from the perspective of the learner, and, by developing the techniques outlined in the book, provide them with the clearest support possible in how to succeed. The graphics and layout help make the ideas accessible and of practical use, especially through the summaries at the end of each section. References to works and ideas by other writers offer the opportunity for the reader to explore concepts in greater depth.

The accessible, real-life nature of "Teaching Backwards" will undoubtedly encourage many practitioners to experiment with its techniques and produce better crafted and more stimulating lessons.
Guest | 29/09/2014 01:00
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