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The Green Teacher magazine, US and Canada,
Dirty Teaching by Juliet Robertson is an amazing resource for anyone thinking about making the outdoors a part of their curriculum. Like the author, I am a huge advocate of keeping things simple when taking students outside and also giving them the opportunity to learn and discover on their own terms. She touches on parent concerns, schoolyard obstacles and fears and worries from students who may not be confident outside. The book is broken down into sections which will help you during preparation, planning what to do while outside with students, and reflecting and following up when the lesson is complete. The author offers a number of easy, simple and cost efficient ways to make outdoor learning a part of your everyday curriculum.

This is an amazing resource for grades K-5 teachers. The book even includes examples of outdoor monthly calendars of easy things you can add to your schedule starting from the first day of school and a handy chart that helps to cross reference ideas to subject areas. After reading the book (and keeping it within reaching distance), any teacher should feel confident in starting the outdoor learning process for both themselves and their students.
Guest | 24/02/2015 00:00
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