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Teach Secondary magazine, June 2015
Tired of the endless false dichotomy presented by those with an interest in promoting -˜solid, traditional' teaching methods above a -˜progressive, airy-fairy' approach - or vice versa - Bill Lucas and Guy Claxton here point out, with optimism alongside experience, that there is a third option. -˜Educating Ruby' paints a picture of what an excellent education might look like in our modern world, and draws not only on what could be done, but what is actually happening in classrooms throughout the country today, to make the image both vivid and detailed. The authors feel strongly that there are skills and qualities we should be nurturing in our young people that cannot be tested by formal examination, but are nonetheless vital for a successful and happy adult life - and they ask some challenging, and potentially controversial questions - about the role of Big Data in true accountability. This is an accomplished and uplifting work; likely to leave the reader feeling considerably more empowered than oppressed.
Guest | 29/06/2015 01:00
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