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Dr. Shawn DiNarda Watters, University of Akron, Wayne College, Ohio
Thank you for sending the review text copy of 'Educating Ruby'. I just finished reading it and found many thought-provoking points to further discuss with my teacher education students in the next semester


Claxton & Lucas are on point with current educational issues - whether in the UK or the USA - the similarities are great. As educators we must continue to grow, change and develop authentic educational experiences according to today's societal needs. We cannot continue the status quo -  to do so will do a disservice and injustice to our learners.


The 3 E's (p. 60) should be a goal of all educators - we should be engaging to our students, connecting content to their lives - be excellent in our knowledge, our professional practices, our interactions  - be ethical in the decisions we make and choices we present. The Seven C's (p. 60) are an excellent summary of desired educational outcomes - focusing on the individual rather than the group. As a parent I strive to develop these traits in my children and as educators we need to strengthen these in our student learners, too.


Claxton & Lucas support the current trend of -˜teaching thought' and self-regulatory behaviors - if students are missing these attributes they will struggle academically and socially, long-term. Having a growth-mindset is the key to overall success - regardless of how success is defined (income, happiness, societal status, etc-¦). We need to constantly improve and consider feedback the breakfast of champions.


I am eager to share many of the ideas presented in Educating Ruby to my students and learn their multi-faceted perception of the USA educational system parallels.
Guest | 20/07/2015 01:00
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