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Lisa Stevens, Primary Languages Educator and Consultant, Lisibo Ltd
As the introduction states, -˜games aren't just for fun', and this resource provides a clear rationale for their value in primary language teaching. There are ideas aplenty for the purposeful use of games to further speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, as well as knowledge and application of numbers, grammar and sounds/phonics.

Each page is clearly set out: text is split up with helpful key information boxes, speech bubbles to indicate helpful vocabulary and light bulbs for further ideas. Very simple and attractive.

The activities are at a variety of levels with word, phrase/sentence and text level games, and suggestions for adding challenge are also given making it a broadly useful resource. I also like the ideas for ensuring that all abilities can succeed; for example, giving pupils more than one chance and introducing joker cards so they can -˜phone a friend' encourages those who are less confident to join in and have a go.

There are ideas for individual, pair, group and whole class activities. Some very familiar games are given a new twist and others are completely new. You could use them for starters, plenaries or for revision, to introduce or consolidate new vocabulary, or as an activity to support language learning throughout the week. There's even a section giving ideas of how to add a competitive element to any language activity.

Particularly helpful to the non-specialist teacher are the clear notes on language they might need. There are clear references to the Languages Programmes of Study in each section and activities to address each objective. The provision of examples for rhymes and tongue twisters to rehearse French sounds is a nice touch, saving lots of research time.

An excellent compendium of games for the French classroom; although the title suggests its use in the primary classroom, I'm sure that secondary colleagues would find it as useful.
Guest | 02/11/2015 00:00
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