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Jas Bassi, Clinical Hypnotherapist
This amazing book is an extraordinary and very much an easy read, with its chapters and subheadings. It goes all out to highlight not only the victims but the bullies themselves. Dr Sam has spent 18 years researching the impact of girl bullying and has given us in-depth understanding of why it happens and what scars are left with the victims. This book isn't about the authors view or just her clinical input but the voices of 78 children, young people and adults who participated in a project called “Do I Look Bothered”. The book talks in depth about the alpha female, the role she holds and all the behaviour traits associated. When bullying leads to death, then concerns have to be raised as to safeguarding and anti-bullying laws. There is also a chapter on bullying and the law, which for those who don't know their legal position, will gain so much information and what resources are available. I must say that I was more aware of the tell tale signs after reading this book but it also highlights strategies to change, she has not only highlighted victims but also the bullies persona, so that we are made more aware if our children aren bullying anyone. Dr Sam highlights that parents/carers  or people in responsible positions can teach their children empathy, so that they understand another's hurt. 

Statistics are also provided on different effects that bullying has had on individuals and also ratio of those who have committed suicide due to girl bullying. Whilst reading this book, I was very much surprised how high these ratios were. Parents shouldn't be under the illusion that having some sort of trouble at school is a part of growing up, but  to be aware that when it becomes ingrained as fear in the mind of a child, who then feels worthless and isolated, it can have triggering psychological effects which can create longterm damage, which can lead into adulthood.

Dr Sam has highlighted tell tale signs for adults to know when their child is going through a turbulent time, which can be identified in depression, self-harm, absences from school, change of behaviour etcetera. Dr Sam goes on to described to a tee in one sentence what bullying is "Bullying is behaviour by an individual or group, repeated over time, that intentionally hurts another individual or group either physically or emotionally”.  It couldn't have been put in simpler terms.

Dr Sam provides perfect examples, of children who grow to be bullies and mistake it for leadership skills. Thats why the role of parents or carers is essential in providing guidance. She further touches upon every angle to provide a good read and educate those who are in a position to reduce any sort of bullying. Cyber bullying is the new trend, but how can parents/careers monitor these.There is an in depth chapter high lightening this.
Guest | 02/09/2015 01:00
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