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Christopher Cloke, Head of Safeguarding in Communities, NSPCC, Former Chair, Anti-Bullying Alliance
Dr Sam has a wealth of experience in responding to bullying and in providing support, training and development to parents and those working with young people. Her warmth, empathy and knowledge are evident in Do I Look Bothered? This will be reassuring to readers who are seeking to understand and tackle the complex and dark world of bullying. Readers will be given confidence to tackle this difficult subject.

In Do I Look Bothered? Dr Sam takes a fresh approach in focusing on girl bullying and analysing the experience of both girls who are victims and those who are perpetrators. Gender is a key factor in social interactions and it is helpful to consider this in the context of bullying. It is also useful to point the spotlight on girls because we know from the children and young people contacting ChildLine that more than twice as many girls were counselled by the helpline as boys about bullying and online bullying. ChildLine has seen a very significant increase in the number of girls talking about feeling excluded or isolated as a result of being bullied. Confirming Dr Sam's approach, ChildLine has also seen a large increase in concerns about cyberbullying. Do I Look Bothered? addresses these issues in detail in relation to girls, emphasising that young people do not differentiate between the online and offline worlds.

A strength of Do I Look Bothered? is that the author relates the experience of bullying to child and adolescent development. This provides important insights into why bullying can have such a significant and devastating impact on the well-being of those affected. Bullying can affect a child's development, self-esteem, confidence, and capacity to form relationships. Sadly, too many professionals and others working with young people lack a good understanding of chid development and Do I Look Bothered? will help meet a real need.

Using case studies and the results of consultations with children and young people, Dr Sam offers a comprehensive approach to tackling bullying. She rightly argues that bullying needs to be addressed holistically at a number of different levels and demonstrates the vital need to be proactive in preventing bullying happening in the first place. Dr Sam provides detailed strategies based on placing the views and experiences of the girls affected at the centre.
Guest | 11/10/2015 01:00
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