Product reviews for Girl Bullying

John T. Morris, Director, JTM Educational Consultants
With the focus in all educational and training establishments on -˜prevent' strategies to safeguard the welfare of learners from grooming, radicalisation and bullying, this is an essential text for all establishments of learning. Dr Sam has utilised her breadth of skills and experience to hear the views and opinions of young people who have experience as victims, perpetrators and bystanders of bullying. Her analysis of Jodie's story gives the reader practical insight and skills in analysing the wider picture, the dynamics of power and the fall-out from confrontations. The damage caused to and by girls as a result of bullying, in all its forms, and the ramifications are discussed at length. Readers will find the section on the way forward and systems to develop an effective policy to reduce bullying particularly helpful. This is an outstanding book which addresses a key issue within educational establishments, the community and workplace.
Guest | 02/11/2015 00:00
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