Product reviews for Girl Bullying

Teach Secondary Magazine, Issue 4.8, November 2015
Do girls bully differently from boys? Most parents and teachers would say that they do - and probably describe a greater emphasis on social manipulation and exclusion, a well as attacks on self-esteem, than tends to be the case amongst young males. Here, child psychologist Dr Sam examines these kinds of behaviours, explains the narratives behind them, and suggests strategies that could be implemented by schools for supporting victims and perpetrators alike as they work to develop a culture in which bullying of any kind simply isn't tolerated. The voices of real young people are given a chance to be heard throughout; and the author concludes her thoughtful overview with a clear call for strong, collaborative leadership; pointing out that this is the essential foundation for any effective anti-bullying policy.
Guest | 20/11/2015 00:00
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