Dave Thomas, Head teacher, Ashmount School
Yet again The Decisive Element team pull off a masterpiece of positivity. These books are deceptively simple and straight forward guides to getting to the heart of what matters in schools, i.e. making people understand that the true nature of education is being The Decisive Element. By this they show that we are the force which can shape or smash a child's development. Whilst such a message could be crushing Andy, Gary and Chris deliver in such a way that the positivity overcomes the dread at such an awesome responsibility. Nothing they say is new but the way in which they say it is refreshing, inspiring and just what is need for a beleaguered teaching profession. 

Chris and Gary deliver training at our teaching school and the evaluations say it all - they are always well received and trainees rave about the simple effectiveness of their message. I have used them with NQT's and new entrants to the profession with equal success as with trainee teachers and more experienced staff.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough - it does the simple things well. Reading this book is an antidote to creeping pessimism and like shot of adrenalin at the end of a hard school week. It makes us all remember what we came into the profession for and quite simply that it does change lives. As it says in the book;

This is why I love this book. I love the fact that the Doctor of Happiness, Andy Cope, has come together with two amazing educators, Gary Toward and Chris Henley, to cook up this mix of positive self-indulgence just for teachers.

I will be buying this book for all my staff and imploring them to read it.
Guest | 09/02/2015 00:00
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