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Pat Doohan, Fidelity - The Journal for the NCP
It took me a little while to get into this book - not because it is in any way boring or dry but because I have no prior knowledge of the subject and I was searching for a chapter that would tell me immediately how to use the therapy. Having found nothing clearly marked, I decided I'd better read it from cover to cover in order to miss nothing of importance. I'm pleased I did because, as well as outlining the author's work on expanding a therapy originally devised by Steve and Connirae Andreas, there are some very interesting other techniques in the book, which the author found very useful in helping clients to resolve their traumas after the original sensitising events were uncovered using EMI.

This therapy was based on Bandler & Grinder's Eye Accessing Cues, which we all know and use to one degree or another. EMI expands on that by asking the client to outline his/her problem whilst, in simple terms, the therapist uses an object to guide the client's gaze from whichever is the dominant mode (visual, auditory or kinaesthetic) through each of the others in turn, in a prescribed pattern, thus enabling the client to recall memories which may otherwise be missed, knowing, as we do, that someone who is predominantly visual will tend to filter out the auditory and kinaesthetic aspects of a memory to some degree, just as an auditory person may not recall much about the visual aspects of an event and someone who is kinaesthetic might not consciously notice sounds or pictures, concentrating instead on what was being felt at the time.

I think it would be possible to learn to do EMI from reading the book but therapists would probably benefit from finding someone who could demonstrate it first, as it is a much more comprehensive subject than it sounds from the simplistic overview I have outlined here. According to the author, this method can lead much more quickly to very vivid recall and thus to a rapid solution to the traumatic event. I have not yet had occasion to use the technique but it certainly sounds interesting enough to delve more deeply into it.
Guest | 14/09/2004 01:00
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