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Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists
"Every experience creates a ripple effect in our lives,influencing us in profound or insignificant ways in the present and future.When those influences are strongly negative and limiting; when they disturb our functioning;when they deny us full enjoyment of life;when they disrupt our mental or physical health,then they are a problem."

This is a book that has been thoroughly researched and the information presented was, at times,overwhelming.It has left me wanting to see a demonstration of the technique,to access another way of absorbing the information.

The author has defined trauma as "...any experience that leaves an imprint that continues to give rise to negative effects and recurrences in one or more of the sensory,emotional or cognitive systems."

In NLP terms,we use "accessing cues "to access information stored and eye movements are the most easily observed and are the most consistent among different cultures.

Using the client 's eye movements to access stored trauma and using a different series of eye movements to reduce that trauma is explained in great detail.

"The objective of the EMI approach is to recruit the inner resources needed to resolve a painful memory."

Danie Beaulieu has identified a lot of precautions to be undertaken by a therapist using EMI.A comprehensive history taking of the client 's psychological and physical conditions is paramount. The process of integration which begins during the eye movements will continue for several days and an assessment of progress in required. Support is categorised as "too little,too much or just enough." The "Setting of the Therapy Session "makes a lot of sense and the metaphors presented to help explain the process to the client are valuable.

This is not a book for the novice and is designed to assist those who are seeking to add other skills to those they have already honed over a period of time.
Guest | 04/09/2004 01:00
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