Product reviews for Guerrilla Teaching

Joe Carter, editor, Teach Primary
Jonathan Lear is the voice of the true expert - the excellent classroom teacher who, through experience and experimentation, knows what works for his pupils and is not prepared to let outside interference get in the way of doing what he knows is right for their education and wellbeing. There is a blueprint here for great teaching, but it's not one the author would have readers follow. Instead, in analysing his methods, Jonathan strips away the unnecessary baggage that has begun to clutter the job of teaching, helping professionals recall a time when they felt confident to trust in their own judgement. He is a champion of creativity in the classroom and shares his playful toolkit with readers. And while his penchant for costumes and characters won't be for everyone, the more theatrical elements never come before, or at the expense of, the focus on content and skills. Behind every comedy moustache is the face of real learning - clear objectives, searching questions, and a hard-won understanding of children's development.
Guest | 27/07/2015 01:00
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