Product reviews for Guerrilla Teaching

Julian S. Wood, deputy head teacher, Wybourn Community Primary School
Jonathan's manifesto is an excellent guide to teaching creatively in the classroom. Jonathan's book stands on the shoulders of the great creative educationalists and encourages a generation of teachers to join the guerrilla revolution. Most manifestos are full of broken promises, Guerrilla Teaching delivers an eclectic range of creative teaching 'policies' designed to turn the mere mortal educator into an inspiring guerrilla teacher.

An indispensable book for any teacher wanting to explore their creative pedagogy and inspire their students. Guerrilla Teaching is an inspiring call to arms; Jonathan writes with humour and his book persuades us all to join his creative classroom revolution. Anybody who reads Jonathan's book will want to climb the tallest mountain, raise their arms aloft and shout 'I am a guerrilla teacher!'

A fabulous read, Jonathan's guerrilla manifesto takes apart existing teaching methods and rebuilds them, creatively, from scratch. The book contains everything you need to start your very own classroom revolution. I implore every teacher to read Guerrilla Teaching: it can only benefit those who really matter - your students, and their futures.
Guest | 24/07/2015 01:00
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