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Paul Haigh, Director of Hallam Teaching School Alliance, Notre Dame High School
Luckily for our children there are many truly outstanding teachers in this country. What is rare, however, are outstanding teachers who really understand why their lessons are so good: some of the most natural and gifted teachers don't really realise how good they are and even fewer know why.

What is even rarer, when you consider the energy and dedication it takes to be an amazing teacher, are truly outstanding teachers who have found the time to write a book that shares their wisdom. Add to that the fact that there is an almost universal modesty about what we teachers do that has to be overcome before one of us will write a book and you have the reason why a gem of a book on teaching like this is so rare. Sadly the nature of the job means few teachers ever get to watch other really good teachers perform their craft but if you can't watch an amazing teacher teach the next best thing is to hope they write a book and buy it!

What I like about Jonathan Lear's book is not just the amazing, creative, practical, common sense, myth and orthodoxy busting ideas that are easy to bring into your own teaching but the fact that you can trust in those ideas because they don't come from some researcher who no longer teaches (if they ever did) and tried out a standalone novel idea on some nice children and then used statistics to try to prove it was an effective way to teach. Jonathan's advice and ideas are worth following because they come from the experience of successfully teaching thousands of the most disadvantaged children in Sheffield day in, day out and helping them achieve great things and go on to successful lives. Jonathan has a gift not only in teaching but also in being able to dissect almost the most minute detail of the teacher's approach or lesson content and articulate why it makes the lesson work so well (or not). Whether you are starting out in teaching or have many years of experience, and whether you want to develop your own lessons or find ideas to inspire those you lead, this book is a great read, which I why the Sheffield SCITT uses Jonathan Lear to train our teachers. Now everyone else can be in on the secrets of his magic too and there can be even more outstanding teachers in front of our children.
Guest | 10/09/2015 01:00
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