Product reviews for Guerrilla Teaching

Brendan Lee, classroom teacher, Hong Kong
When I look for a book to improve my teaching practice, I am searching for something inspiring, thought provoking and a book that makes me excited. 'Guerrilla Teaching' inspired me to do things differently, helped me reflect on the creative things I was doing in class and made me enthusiastic about what I had the potential to do. One of the first things I did was to build an Oil Tanker from desks in the class to create a problem solving scenario for the class.

I also liked how he talked about simplifying all the teaching objectives and pick out the ones that really matter. In a curriculum where we are often swamped with many objectives (often which are meaningless) it helped me focus on specific skills the children really need.

I enjoyed how he also reinforced the way lessons were structured and did it in such a simple straight forward way.  It is definitely something I will be using for my lessons.

I would have loved to be a child in Jonathan's class when I was young. He has inspired me to create a classroom of adventure, laughter and wonder.
Guest | 11/10/2015 01:00
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