Product reviews for Guerrilla Teaching

John T. Morris, Director, JTM Educational Consultants
Jonathan Lear has written a book which challenges readers to rethink current strategies to engage, motivate and create memorable opportunities for learner participation and interaction. He inspires reflection on issues such as visual signposting, curriculum options and developing learners as effective participants, self-managers and creative thinkers and the positive impact of this upon outcomes for learners and the ethos of a school.

Lear emphasises the need for the teacher to create a presence that promotes the climate and culture within the classroom where learners can work creatively, independently and in collaboration with others. Readers will find Lear quite non-conformist in style; he is not afraid to challenge the status quo and create a new approach to move learners forward, which he describes as moving from the first floor of learning to the -˜rooftop terrace'. Here is a teacher who creates freedom for learners within a broad based framework within which he displays excellent techniques and skills for promoting rapport with pupils and positive management of behaviour for learning. However, although this book will stimulate many teachers, it will also engender debate and some teachers might find Lear's ideas -˜a challenge too far'.
Guest | 02/11/2015 00:00
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