Tom Bennett Founder of researchED, teacher, and columnist for the TES
John Tomsett is a very rare kind of head teacher, and it's no surprise he's written a book that's equally rare, in that it is a book written by someone currently within the education system, about the education system, that is both apposite and well written. He writes with conviction and experience, both of which are necessary to say anything useful in a crowded field of books that are anodyne, vacuous or thinly-disguised polemics.

John Tomsett the teacher comes through in every page; someone who still teaches, when many heads do not, and best of all still loves it. Loves it enough to still do it, to think about it, to write about it. It's often said that everyone has a book within them; sadly it's often not a good book, and this is a very good book indeed. Nothing can replace the experience of being in command, but a close second for anyone interested in accessing John's decades of wisdom, is to read about it here. Broad ranging yet still specific enough to burst with utility, if every head teacher was to read this, that wouldn't be a bad thing at all. And if anyone in else in education were to read it too, that wouldn't be bad either. His school is a case study in putting your money where your mouth is, and I wish we had more people like him wherever children need an education.
Guest | 12/05/2015 01:00
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