Sir Tim Brighouse, former London Schools Commissioner and Chief Ed Officer of Birmingham and Oxfordshire
What a stroke of luck that John Tomsett never quite realised his dream to be a golf professional or a full-time sports journalist, but became a teacher instead. His success in the classroom and in running a school is not measured just by the fortunate pupils and colleagues who have worked with and learned from John. His influence is much wider. His -˜This much I know-¦'Blogs and ubiquitous presence on social media, his brilliant moving and inspirational talks are spell binding. In short order he has become a national educational phenomenon, with his roots firmly in the rich soil of the classroom, staffroom and school.

His debut book shows why. Beautifully written John, as you'd expect of an outstanding teacher, is a great story-teller, thinks aloud and in the process causes others to think too.

A unique educational autobiography, it will rank alongside those of the likes of John Holt, Ted Sizer and Paulo Freire, as one you'll know exactly where it is on your bookshelf. You'll keep going back - a must read for all teachers, for the staff library and for future leaders, as well as for any post sixteen students who should consider teaching as still the best career to have.
Guest | 12/05/2015 01:00
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