Kevan Collins, Educationalist
John's honesty and refreshing approach separates this book from the plethora of dry, technical and anodyne texts on school improvement and frankly, makes This Much I Know about Love Over Fear special. John sets out the case that education can't be reduced to a technocratic, painting by numbers process where we devise ever more sophisticated measures to ensure compliance to the method. John reminds us that teaching and leading teaching is all about relationships and the way we use what we know, let's call it wisdom, to inform and improve our work. The value of evidence and the implications of nailing your colours to the mast of an evidence informed profession are carefully considered and resolved as John presents a compelling case for schools to harness research on their terms and as the servant of their needs. Evidence on tap not on top, to coin a phrase. John's wonderful stories about his childhood, the fateful round of golf at Liphook, his sonnet for the school caretaker tell us something about the man and his values and motivations that drive his work. John's passion for education and the way it has changed the circumstances of his own life is used to demonstrate the importance of the profession we share and our collective responsibility to challenge poor teaching and build a culture of continual improvement.
Guest | 12/05/2015 01:00
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