Fiona Kelsall, hypnotherapy student, for Hypnoversity Journal
On first opening the book I was immediately drawn to its unusual layout. Alongside the main body of each script there are explanations, alternatives or further suggestions, which are annotated to the right. I knew this would be a useful book, but I didn't realise how often I would be using it throughout my training and specifically with my case studies. 

In her Introduction Hudson acknowledges that her style naturally differs from Allen's original offering and is written as a "compliment" to his work. More Scripts and Strategies sets out to present subject matter not already covered in Allen's original book. 

The reason that this book goes beyond the Allen's original work is not necessarily the calibre of the scripts, as both are excellent, but its potential for learning. It includes a chapter on hypnotic language, which is helpful for adapting or writing your own scripts. I also appreciate the ease in which one can eliminate any part of the script that isn't relevant for a particular client, without it affecting the structure as a whole. 

The scripts are divided into general headings such as Anxiety, Panic, and Phobias. She then provides us with a selection of scripts to choose from, depending on our client's needs. Where relevant the book provides advice on treatment and case structure and therefore adds a third dimension to this work as a reference book. 

There is a section at the back called Reorientation Procedures. This is an inspiring point of focus as it sometimes feels that the termination of trance or reorientation (which sounds more purposeful) can seem like an afterthought. The chapter breaks these down in to headings such as Positive focus with a strong urge to put plans into Action. 

There is very little not to like about this book. However the casualty of the split page layout is the font size and narrowness of the script on the page. I find I can lose my place if reading directly from the book, but this can be overcome with a scanner or copier. 

If I was only able to buy one bocik during my hypnotherapy training -this would have to be my choice! It is in constant use and never seems to find its way back onto the book shelf.
Guest | 20/11/2015 00:00
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